Ao’s Island and One Cat

Souta Nakamura, a young city teacher, moves to the island of Nagishima after spending years away, expecting to meet his old upperclassman who offered him lodging, but finds out that he’s gone and he’s left him to take care of his teenage daughter Ao, a girl who is wise beyond her years, and who has the quiet island lifestyle ingrained in her heart. (from Mangadex)

Ao’s Island covers several islands in the Seto Inland Sea, including Iwagi, Sagi, Ikuchi, Imishima, Osaki-Kamizima (see Tamayura), Mikashima, Hakata, and Takehara. Exploration also extends into Onomichi. The manga is unadapted and has created few waves in terms of official seichijunrei, but fan-produced maps are available. Ao’s Island is relatively tame compared to the author’s previous works, so do be warned. Across each of his projects, the narrative mostly serves as an excuse to render character illustration spreads. This manga very clearly draws on a personal scouting trip considering its backgrounds and location specificity. The primary source for this map is