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  • Lovely Muco

    Lovely Muco

    Muco is the sweetest, most lovable dog in the neighborhood. This sparkly-nosed Shiba Inu lives with her owner and best friend, Komatsu, a glassblower who lives in Akita. These two companions have wonderful adventures, from going on walks to playing in the pond in front of their house. No matter where they go or what…

  • Tsurukichi Sanpei

    Tsurukichi Sanpei

    Sanpei Mihira is a boy from rural Japan who loves all kinds of freshwater fishing. Takao Yaguchi’s original Fisherman Sanpei manga was serialized by Kodansha from 1973 to 1983. It was adapted to an anime that got big in Italy. Some fishing video games were made in the late 80’s for MSX computers based on…