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  • Kageki☆Shojo Revue Starlight

    Kageki☆Shojo Revue Starlight

    Inspired by a play called Starlight, Karen Aijo and Hikari Kagura make a childhood promise to perform that very play together someday. Hikari moves away, and twelve years later Karen has enrolled in Seisho Music Academy to continue working toward their promise. As the 99th Graduating Class rehearses for their annual production of Starlight, a…

  • Persona 5

    Persona 5

    A JRPG from the Persona/Megami Tensei franchise published by Sega/Atlus in 2016. The high school student protagonist, ‘Joker’, is accused of a crime and sent to Shibuya on probation. There, he discovers ‘Personas’ and joins a group known as the ‘Phantom Thieves’. Together, they delve into a hidden world born from society’s collective desires. As…