Tag: Shimokitazawa

  • Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

    Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

    Yukio Tanaka, known as “Koyuki” by his friends, is a regular 14-year-old Japanese boy starting eighth grade in junior high school. His boring life is changed when he saves an odd-looking dog, named Beck, from some kids. Beck’s owner turns out to be an emerging rock musician, 16-year-old Ryusuke Minami, who soon influences Koyuki to…

  • Bocchi The Rock!

    Bocchi The Rock!

    The tragically relatable Hitori “Bocchi-chan” Goto is a lonely high school girl whose heart lies in her guitar. After she meets Nijika Ijichi, she joins up with “Kessoku Band.” Can Bocchi confront her social anxiety with the help of her music? Bocchi started as a 4koma manga before its insane single-season anime adaptation. Bocchi and…