BokuYaba (The Dangers in My Heart)

Kyotaro Ichikawa is an outsider second-year middle school student in a chunibyou phase who often reads a murder encyclopedia and anatomy textbooks. He fantasizes the beautiful class idol, Anna Yamada, as being his prime target. Often seeking solace in the library, Ichikawa frequently runs into Yamada. It is during these encounters that Ichikawa realizes his model classmate is actually an airhead who can’t stop sneaking snacks into school and can never read the room. As they spend more time together, Ichikawa’s emotions stray from blind hatred of normies towards a desire to protect Yamada.

Senzoku Station, from episode 4 and episode 8

The trip to the print publishing company is based on the real-world Akita Shoten, which has this display of some of their published works outside of their office. Akita Shoten was involved with the production of the BokuYaba.