Bench at Shinjuku Sta.

City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

Ryo Saeba is the top “sweeper” in the world and takes on cases with his partner Kaori Makimura as “City Hunter”. In this nostalgia-driven film, a model named Ai Shindo has been attacked and hires him to be her bodyguard. Shinji Mikuni, the president of an IT company that has hired Ai for its ad campaign, turns out to be an old friend of Kaori, and they become involved. Meanwhile, warlords, mercenaries and a major arms dealer arrive in Japan for the live demonstration of a new class of weapon. But with Ryo flirting with Ai and Mikuni’s courting of Kaori, are Ryo and Kaori are growing apart?

A lot of planning and effort was put into the Shinjuku angle, and there’s some overlap with classic Yakuza/RGG Kabukicho locations. There are a lot of establishing shots of scenery and the skyline. To the cynical, it might start to seem like a Shinjuku travel brochure surrounded by lucky sukebe manzai and sporadic CG-heavy action scenes. Aside from that it’s still great fan service for City Hunter and Cat’s Eye fans. Mokkori!