miko points to the stamp rally card.

Edomae Elf (Otaku Elf)

For more than 400 years, the Takamimi Shrine has stood in Tsukishima, Tokyo, enshrining the local goddess: Elda, an elf summoned from another world during the Edo period. After human girl Koito Koganei turns 16 years old, she becomes Elda’s miko. This proves to be difficult because Elda is a total otaku NEET who loves games, toys and plamo, and eating snacks. In an effort to get the lazy shut-in to touch grass, Koito juggles her time between indulging Elda’s various hobbies and getting her to interact with the rest of humanity, including Tsukishima’s residents and other summoned elf girls. Otaku Elf is a seasonal manga adaptation.

Elda proudly resides in a precise, reproducible recreation of real-world Tsukishima with one caveat: the shrine might be based on a combination of the mainland Chuo Namiyoki Shrine and Tsukishima’s Sumiyoshi Shrine.

Stamp Rally Map

The stamp rally is an actual thing! According to this poster, it’s set to take place from June 24 to July 9 2023. If you’re in the area and feel like a stroll along the famous shopping street, by all means give it a shot.