Hirune Hime

Kokone Morikawa has a strange napping disease that distracts her from reality, one that makes the world of her dreams and the real world near indistinguishable. In reality, she is an average high school student from Okayama preparing for her university entrance exams; but in her dreams she is a magical princess of Heartland, a machine-driven future where the use of artificial intelligence is forbidden.

Hirune Hime is set firmly in Kurashiki, Okayama, near the Shimotsui-seto Bridge. Kurashiki’s tourist marketing went wild for Hirune Hime. There was a ton of promotional material and posters all over town, and a stamp rally that has since ended. Both buses and trains received Hirune Hime wraps. If you’re interested in making a visit, you could pad out a day trip with a visit to an old amusement park called Washuzan Highland Park, the home of the SkyCycle.

Here’s an article of a blogger who made all the rounds in the stamp rally.