Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park

Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable!

Teenager Tsubasa Shiki moves from Tokyo to the city of Kitami in Hokkaido. On arrival he meets his classmate and gal [gyaru] Minami Fuyuki, who takes a liking to the city boy and takes him under her wing. The two grow closer and explore their town and greater Hokkaido together. The anime was announced for an anime adaptation in the Winter 2024 season.

Thanks to the verbosity of the mangaka in naming locations explicitly, I located virtually every place featured of the manga, with the exception of the specific Okutama hot spring. Much thanks to @EtudiantSur on Twitter for getting Ikada-sensei to reveal the name of a park. Their photos also made it easier to confirm certain spots.

Ikada also seemed very excited to have gotten some coverage from the Hokkaido Shinbun over a book signing he performed in Kitami, and a second article about the effect that Dosanko Gyaru related seichijunrei tourism has been having on the local community. According to the article, the Coach and Four bookstore in real life has a whole section and display dedicated to the series and how it celebrates the beauty of Kitami and Hokkaido.