Houkago Teibou Nisshi

Tsurugi Hina, a first-year high school student who moved to Ashikita, Kumamoto Prefecture from the city, and ends up being roped into joining the Breakwater Club. Tsurugi comes to enjoy fishing on the breakwater and around Ashikita, along with her classmate Natsumi Hodaka and seniors Yuuki Kuroiwa and Makoto Ohno. A “cute girls do fishing” story from Doga Kobo.

Both anime and manga recreate the geography, colors, and energy of real-life Ashikata down to a T, which should come as no surprise after finding out that Ashikata is manga author Yasayuki Kosaka‘s hometown. There’s also a live-action drama filmed on-location.

Grill Kakashi is a Western-style “youshoku 洋食” restaurant in Hitoyoshi that acts as the model for Natsumi’s house. The menu at a yoshoku is a bit similar to the not-quite Italian pastas served at the Saizeriya chain. Inside you can find screenshots of the girls hanging out in the building and all the volumes of the manga.

The city of Ashikita’s tourism association is proud to have their city featured in the anime. They have an anime photo comparison article on their website. The article makes it clear that tourists without permission should avoid trespassing and photography near schools and private property.



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