Low Tier Tomozaki

Fumiya Tomozaki is one of the best gamers in Japan when it comes to the character-based platform fighting game “Attack Families”. As a friendless outcast, in his opinion, the ‘game of real life’ is one of the worst; a kuso-ge. No clear-cut rules for success, horribly balanced, and nothing makes sense. But then he meets a gamer who’s just as good as him, and she offers to teach him a few exploits.

Tomozaki has a Saitama tourism landing page, which was produced by the Saitama Prefecture Products and Tourism Association [一般社団法人埼玉県物産観光協会]. The landing page features a redacted scan of a limited-run seichijunrei map.

A “Keyword Rally” was held in collaboration with Saitama from February to March 2023. At the same time, 8,000 seichijunrei maps were distributed.

Promotional displays for Tomozaki-kun goods and media have frequently included standees of the main female cast. The ones below were stationed at certain Saitama Sofmap locations, which were also some of the sites where maps were distributed.

Tomozaki-kun also has an ongoing stamp rally collaboration with Tobu Railway from January 10 – March 31 2024.

This school exists, but is naturally off-limits to people who don’t belong.



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