Patlabor Drama


Patlabor is a science fiction mecha series about cops with humanoid robots, ‘Labors’, that look like Tokyo Metropolitan Police patrol cars, hence combined as ‘Patrol’ ‘Labor’, ‘Patlabor’. Outside of the MPD, Labors are used as heavy machinery for construction. Most continuities begin as Tokyo MPD Special Vehicle Section 2, Department 2 welcomes series protagonist Noa Izumi to its ranks. There is a Patlabor TV show, OVA series, film trilogy, live action drama, video games, and manga, all of which vary by tone and essential cast.

Real life locations featured across Patlabor media can be found within the jurisdiciton of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, especially in a tighter ring around Tokyo Bay. The hangar of Section 2 is an invention of the series, but the appearance of MPD headquarters and Yokohama Bay Bridge are taken straight from their real-world counterparts.



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