Suzu Station

Skip to Loafer

Mitsumi Iwakura is a year-one high schooler who moved from a town in the outskirts of Ishikawa Prefecture facing population decline, to a prestigious high school in Tokyo, following the path to her dream of becoming the mayor of her hometown. On the day of her entrance ceremony, she gets caught in the commuter rush and gets lost A tall boy in the same school uniform calls out to her and accompanies her to school. Skip to Loafer is an ongoing manga with a single season anime.

The town of Ikajima is a fictional renaming of Suzu in Ishikawa, where the story of the true Suzu Station matches the fate of Ikajima’s station. Many locations from different Tokyo regions like Shibuya, Kugayama, and Kichijoji make an appearance.

There’s a collaborative project involving QR codes with AR content that can be accessed at different locations around Suzu in Ishikawa. These are featured in the Suzu map layer.