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Summer Time Rendering

Following the death of his parents, Shinpei Ajiro grew up with the Kofune sisters Ushio and Mio before heading to Tokyo to live alone. Two years later, he returns to his hometown in Wakayama to attend Ushio’s funeral following news of her drowning. However, Shinpei becomes suspicious when he receives news of strangle marks around Ushio’s neck, implying that she was murdered intentionally. Disappearing people and other unexplainable occurrences lead Mio to recall an old folktale referring to entities called “Shadows,” which may not be entirely fantasy. Summer Time Rendering started as a manga and now has a 25-episode anime and visual novel.

Hitogashima is based on the real-life Tomoga-shima island cluster, a former Meiji-era fortification in Wakayama Bay.

Wakayama Tomogashima and Kada have very much embraced seichijunrei, butaitanbou, and cosplay mania inspired by the anime.

Wakayama mayor Masahiro Obana poses with a cutout and shikishi of Ushio.
A zoom out. Banner Translation: “Wakayama City Anime Tourism Ambassador”
A translated map of Tomogashima from


Kazue for – Tomogashima, a beautiful “phantom” island of fortress

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