Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Akira Tendo, a 24-year-old salaryman working at an exploitative ‘black company’ marketing firm, discovers himself trapped in a routine and meaningless life. He lacks drive and motivation after three years of abusive treatment; however, when a zombie apocalypse unexpectedly strikes Tokyo, the natural order is inverted, but Tendo relishes in the freedom of no longer being under the thumb of his abusive boss. With his newfound free time, Tendo begins work on his bucket list of 100 things to do before he becomes a zombie. (from Wikipedia)

Many of Zom 100’s settings were designed from real locations, with the exception of some generic stand-in buildings. The survivor group’s journey from Shibuya to Gunma can sort of be followed by way of pins of real-world locations. The Gunma onsen town visited is the famous Yubatake, which is seen in many other series. The design of the aquarium does not match up 1:1 to a real-world aquarium and is kind of a meld of two or three.