A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics

Sosuke Kaburaya is a Gifu-based detective struggling to make ends meet. While on a case, he happens upon Sara, a princess from a parallel timeline with magical powers. As Sara quickly adjusts to modern Japanese life, Livia, a knight from Sara’s kingdom, arrives to find her. Soon enough, both Sara and Livia’s positivity begins to rub off on Sosuke and the neighborhood’s cast of characters. [modified Crunchyroll copy]

Salad Bowl takes place strictly and importantly in Gifu. Several of Gifu’s landmarks and cultural aspects are demonstrated in a way that sticks out narratively. The most obvious is Gifu Castle, but there are other real-world spots that appear in the OP featuring real-world footage and throughout the rest of the production. These standees can be found inside of the Gifu Tourist Information Center, part of a collaboration with JR Tokai involving a clear file distribution and AR rally.

The marketing staff for Hensara worked with Gifu’s public transit authority for a bus wrap collaboration.

Hensara has also hosted public screening events in Gifu featuring voice talents.



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