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Dagashi Kashi

Shikada Dagashi, a countryside shop (a dagashi-ya 駄菓子屋) selling cheap domestic candy and snacks (dagashi 駄菓子) has been run by the Shikada family for nine generations, but heir-apparent Kokonotsu does not want to take over the shop from his father, instead aiming to become a manga artist. The mysterious Hotaru Shidare visits the shop one day hoping to recruit Yō to her family’s dagashi manufacturing company, but Yō refuses unless Hotaru first can convince Kokonotsu to take over his shop. Dagashi Kashi’s 2-season anime was based on a manga written by Kotoyama, the same mangaka who would later create Yofukashi no Uta.

Shigata Dagashi proper is placed over a vacant lot in real life, but if you look at TripAdvisor or Google Maps there are a handful of classic operations still around that retain a showa-era flare.