Super Cub School

Super Cub

A high school girl rides a Honda Super Cub motorcycle. With no parents, friends, or plans for the future, her daily detours on her way to school become her sole source of excitement. One day, she learns a classmate, Reiko, shares her passion. Komuga’s mobility leads to a job opportunity and majestic cross-country excursions. Super Cub is calm, cute, quiet, simple, and contemplative. It was a single-season anime adapted from a light novel and also has a manga serialization.

Super Cub’s story centers around Hokuto in Yamanashi, but eventually leads out into Chuo, Enoshima, and a grand trip all the way from Hokuto down to the tip of Kagoshima.


“Tanbou Map” official collaboration with the city of Hokuto, Yamanashi, Japan

Google Map in Japanese

Official Super Cub Touring Guide / Seichijunrei Mook



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